So any ideas how to bring up daughters to feel free to “dress how they want, fall in love with who they want, have sex with who they want, without judgement” whilst also ensuring they stay safe from harm? (read associated posts) Is LadyCurd worrying too much after all you are just as likely to get raped wearing a tracksuit than a minidress?

Letters From LadyCurd

Dear Not That Kind Of Girl,

So yesterday I claimed I wasn’t “that kind of girl” but the day before I was proclaiming I was a Slut, as there seems to be some incongruous value judgements going on there I think I need to unpick this further with you. I think you are the best person to ask. You not being that kind of girl and all.

So if I truly believe women should be able to love who they want, have sex with who they want, dress how they want, then I shouldn’t really be having “not that kind of girl” issues.

What do I mean by “That kind of girl”? I suppose I meant one who would have sex with a lorry driver in a service station, which then implies I am judging women for doing that. Which I am not. If a single woman wants to…

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Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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