Some musings on the HPV Vaccine

This is adapted from a post published today on my blog

I am so so glad that my girls will be offered the human papilloma virus (HPV) jab as HPV being one of the main causes of Cervical Cancer, and I am bloody glad that the Department of Health finally realised it’s mistake in offering Cevarix (which only protects against the strains of HPV causing cancer) and are now offering the much more effective Gardasil which also protects against the two strains of the  (HPV) that cause 70% of cervical cancers and also two other strains that produce 90% of genital warts (read more here).  Genital warts being one of the STI’s NOT always being protected against transmission by using a condom (herpes and pubic lice being the other two).  Had the DH not made that turnaround I would have been intending to pay privately for Gardasil when my daughters are old enough to have the jab.

I’m always surprised when I hear of parents refusing to let their girls have the jab because they don’t think their girls are having sex- the whole point of this jab is to offer protection before the girl is sexually active and that protection lasts well into their twenties.  I personally don’t believe it would make girls more likely to take risks because they are “protected”.

I do think boys should possibly also be offered the jab but it’s cost effectiveness remains to be seen.  I wonder if some parents of boys will pay for the vaccine privately?

What do you think about the HPV vaccine? Will you be permitting your daughter to have it? Would you pay privately for your son to have it?


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One Response to Some musings on the HPV Vaccine

  1. impeus says:

    Absolutely my daughter will be getting the jab! I simply can’t comprehend any reason to disallow it. Fine, in a world where nobody has sex until marriage (ha!) it might not be necessary, but unnecessary and ill advised are not the same thing. If the vaccine causes no harm, but no vaccine can allow infection to cause cancer, it’s a no-brainer.

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