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This is a post from @sonyacisco who blogs at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock and Roll Mum the original post can be viewed here.

I have an almost 16 year old daughter. I think I have probably armed her with what she needs to know about sex and of course school have also provided a source of information via their PHSE classes. I am hoping the fact I have an almost 9 month old means she is fully aware that as well as being cute, babies are immensely hard work- that should be enough incentive to be careful about contraception in itself!!
I wanted to write something positive about sex being a good thing, not a dirty thing that good girls don’t do! I started off writing a fairly elaborate post about female sexuality, and how there shouldn’t be a stigma attatched to being female and enjoying a healthy sex life. But I think what I really want to share with her can probably be cut down to the below information.

Sex is fun.

Sex with feelings can be more fun.

Sex without respect can make you feel bad. 

You should never feel pressured into doing anything you are uncomfortable with. 

Never feel ashamed of your sexuality. The urge to have sex is perfectly natural and can be quite overwhelming at times. Except for for me. Obviously it is far too gross for you to consider that I would ever have sex. I am a virgin. You and your brothers are weird anomalies.

Use a condom. STDs can cause a variety of serious problems. However most of these are easily treatable, so if you think you have caught something, see a doctor, don’t let embarrassment make things worse!

You are not defined by your sexuality. You are far more than that.

You can always talk me. About anything. 

Apart from One Direction.

Mummy Cisco xxx

P.s. I showed this to her first- I don’t want to post anything she is uncomfortable with me sharing. She laughed, said I know all that, duh. Then told me that Dorchester is the national league leader in the ownership of male sex toys. So much for a sensitive mother-daughter chat. Then she stole myPad and added the below comment. I have left it for posterity. And comedy value.

(From betsy 🙂 yes I will talk to you about one direction:) they are epic much love xxx)

Great Resources:-


Brook for Young People

Both really useful positive websites for teens (and parents!) to access information on all aspects of sex, sexuality, and contraception.


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