What is Sex Positive Parenting?

This blog is a collaborative effort from various bloggers aiming to bring their children up in a sex positive way- one that aims to bring children up to not be constrained by their gender or gender stereotype, One that celebrates individual differences and supports children to develop emotional resilience, good body image and self esteem, with good relationships skills such as communication, trusting, honesty and understanding of consent, and negative relationships. Sex Positive Parents recognise that sex in an appropriate context isn’t shameful or dirty, and that we shouldn’t be embarrassed about the human body and what it can do.

This blog will cover issues such as:


Body Image and Self Esteem

Gender Diversity

Sexual Diversity

Role Modelling Positive Relationships and avoiding negative ones

Sex Positive Values- Consent, trust, honesty, respect, communication etc

Talking to your kids about sex

Help! My kid is sexually active




Sexual Activity


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