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The real difference between girls and boys

This morning my five-year-old announced that he would be learning “how to tell the difference between girls and boys”. Like any self-respecting liberal parent, I found myself torn between thinking “cool – he’s ready for a frank, open discussion” and … Continue reading

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Huggies and potty training: Same old shit

This summer I am about to embark on another potty training odyssey! Way-hey! The summer’s great for potty training, isn’t it? That’s what everyone says, like it’s one great pastoral idyll where children can run about naked all day long, … Continue reading

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Itchy bit.

Last night our friends, Doctor Power and Docter Gandamou, came over for dinner with their three children. The family is an example of elegance and beauty. Doc Power is tall, blonde and stunning, Doc G has dark eyes and a … Continue reading

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I sometimes wonder what Mother Nature was up to when it came to willies? She must have either been drunk or suffering from really bad morning sickness when she drew up plans for The Willy. I should actually say The … Continue reading

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