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Dear Parents and Carers- Re. Anne Summers- I-Scream Campaign

Dear Parents and Carers*, So Ann Summers has caused a furore by their really grim “I-scream” campaign.  Already lots of blog posts on it here, here, here, here, here and here. Rather than replicate the other fine posts on it, I was having musings of a slightly … Continue reading

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Yet another pretend ice-cream van

Being someone who grew up with all the advantages of being middle class, yet still ended up, through bad choices, poor timing and the economic downturn, living on a shit council estate does, you’d be pleased to know, still have … Continue reading

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Imperial Haggis Catchers and Beauty Queens: A true story

Spring 1987. I’m in my first year at secondary school. The May Day Carnival is just around the corner. One day all the boys in our year are called into the school hall. It’s time to select who’ll be the … Continue reading

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