Some questions we need discussing on the blog

Below are some questions that we need discussing on the blog. Shout if you can think of more questions we need to think about.  There probably aren’t right or wrong answers to the questions but it’s about sharing experiences and learning from them and developing your own ideas for parenting your children in the best sex positive way you can.

If you have a suitable post, or want to write one- please share it! Email  (You can post anonymously if you would prefer).

  • I don’t want my little girl to wear toy make up – what shall I do?
  • How can I develop good self esteem in my children?
  • I think my child is gay?
  • How can I bring my child up to have a positive body image?
  • What age should I talk contraception? Should I provide it?
  • I’m not sure I want my child to learn about sex at school – what can I do?
  • How can I work with the school on the sex education provided there and at home?
  • How can I support my child in sex positive values- communication, consent, trust, respect, honesty?
  • When should I tell my daughter about periods?
  • How can I keep my child safe from sexual harassment?
  • How can I balance my faith and my sex positive values?
  • How does my cultural background affect my sex positive values?
  • What can I do about keeping my child safe from internet pornography?
  • What do I call my toddler’s genitals?
  • My child caught us having sex, what do I do now!?
  • What should I do if I catch my child masturbating?
  • My teenager has got their first boyfriend/girlfriend- how shall I handle this?

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